Welcome to Kanaka Beach House Kannur, the land of looms and lores is steeped in history and culture and has long been acclaimed as one of the most beautiful coastal towns of Malabar.
As the headquarters of Portuguese, Dutch and British rule of the region. Now developing in leaps and bounds, Kannur is the tourist hub of the entire region. A land with long stretches of sandy beaches, lush coconut groves, sub tropical greenery in dispersed with sparkling rivers - Kannur is unspoiled by ravages of modernity.
A land of indomitable spirit and zest. A land which still retains its cultural essence in every grain. An ideal place to visit and explore where one can spend countless days and nights leisurely basking in the tranquillity. A pleasant stay at "Kanaka Beach house" Kannur will surely make you forget all your worries and will relax and rejuvenate you and will make you return to its warmth again and again.